Washington State Reform – Reports

Tax Incentive Evaluation Law: Washington, Pew Charitable Trust, Jan 21, 2015

Building a Responsible Budget for Washington State, Economic Opportunity Institute, March 28, 2013

More information about Inslee’s proposed tax exemption closings, Washington State Office of Financial Management, March 2013

More Proposed Tax Breaks = Less Prosperity , Washington State Budget and Policy Center, March 5, 2013

Washington State Supreme Court Decision – League of Education Voters vs State of Washington overturning Tim Eyman’s Initiative 1053 requiring 2/3 Legislative votes to raise revenue or repeal tax loopholes, February 28, 2013

Washington’s Flawed Revenue System – slideshow by Washington State Budget and Policy Center, Feb 26, 2013

More Ineffective Tax Breaks or Education, Health Care and Prosperity? The Choice is Clear, Washington State Budget and Policy Center, Feb. 26, 2013

House of Straw – How Washington’s Tax System Undermines Our Economic Future – and how to fix it ,  Economic Opportunity Institute, Oct 2012

Every Dollar Counts: Why it’s Time for Tax Expenditure Reform
By Andy Nicholas,  Washington State Budget and Policy Center, 2011

New National Report Outlines Effective Tax Expenditure Budgets, Schmudget Blog, May 12, 2012

Increase transparency by creating a tax expenditure budget, Schmudget Blog, Feb 2, 2011


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