Urge Washington Legislators to End Eyman Push Polls on our Ballots.

Washington State Legislators – Pass SB 5182 now!

Washington State needs to end Washington taxpayers subsidizing Tim Eyman’s anti-tax initiative campaigns. They need to stop putting his so called Tax Advisory Votes  on our ballots. They are really anti-tax push polls.

Why are legislators allowing this abuse of our ballots to continue? It is time to end this abuse of our electoral process.

The language used to write the ballot titles for these so-called advisory votes was written by Tim Eyman, not the State’s Attorney General as all other ballot titles are.

Eyman’s ballot titles inflammatory language biases voter’s opinions. Requiring phrases like “legislature imposed”, “without a vote of the people”, “costing …in the first 10 years” and “for government spending” are phrases that are not neutral but are meant to bias against a “maintain” vote and all taxes and revenue increases in general.

Special interest polling does not deserve a place on our ballot. The fact that these push polls benefit a private initiative business and were written by that business to promote its anti-tax political agenda is even more objectionable.

End this abuse of our ballot. End this taxpayer subsidy of these Eyman push polls on our ballot.

Pass SB 5182 introduced by Senator Patty Kuderer!

Send Washington State legislatures an e-mail today supporting SB 5182.

Go to Action Network Now.

Feb. 23, 2021 update. SB 5182 has been voted out of the WA Senate State Government and Elections Committee and sent to Senate Rules. All bills must be voted out of the House of origin by 5 PM on March 9,2021 or they die. Please send an e-mail now to Legislators urging they move this bill.


Urge Washington Legislators to End Eyman Push Polls on our Ballots. — 2 Comments

  1. I have long thought those Tax Advisory Votes are ridiculous. Just not hearing they were written by Tim Eyman and not the Attorney General as other similar measures are, it makes my blood boil. We elect representatives to make votes that will benefit our society, not to second-guess them. If we don’t like your work, we oust you. It is time to end this silly waste of our time – be grown-ups and stop the push polls. Pass SB 5182 now!

  2. The ridiculous and self serving initiatives waste taxpayer money and legislator’s time. Get rid of this option. Get rid of SB5812

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