Urge WA House Finance Committee Members vote HB 1703 – Tax Exemption Transparency and Accountability Act Out of Committee to Rules

“When we adopt our biennial budgets, we should proactively consider the exemptions and preferences as tax expenditures and require re-adoption if they have never been reviewed or have no sunset date. Why should these “tax expenditures” live on forever? No … Continue reading

Washington State Senate passes SB 5442 to end Eyman’s push poll advisory votes

Eliminating Eyman’s push poll tax advisory votes from the ballot Testimony in support of SB 5224 – concerning advisory votes Washington State House Committee on State Government & Tribal Relations Steve Zemke – Tax Sanity           March 11, 2019 The Washington … Continue reading

HB 1703 – Tax Exemption and Accountability Act – Tax Sanity Testimony before House Finance Committee

Testimony in support of HB 1703 – the Tax Exemption Transparency and Accountability Act (2019) Washington State House Finance Committee, Feb 26, 2019 Testimony by Steve Zemke – Director – Tax Sanity  Thank you for this opportunity to testify on … Continue reading