Let’s End Eyman’s Push Polls on our Ballots!

The Washington State Senate needs to pass SB 5182 by Tuesday, March 9, 2021 or the bill dies for this year’s Legislative session. It has been sitting in Senate Rules now for over a month.

 Why are State Legislators continuing to allow Tim Eyman to have access to our ballots to do anti tax push polls done under the guise of so called “tax advisory votes”?

These advisory votes are really free advertising, paid for by Washington State taxpayers, to express opposition against the Washington State Legislature raising revenue or repealing outdated tax exemptions. The ballot language was written by Tim Eyman, not Attorney General Bob Ferguson who writes all other ballot title language.
Its time to end this abuse of using our ballot and taxpayer money to subsidize the profit interests of an anti-tax initiative business run by Tim Eyman. 

Please contact your Legislators today to urge they pass Senator Patty Kuderer’s SB 5182. This bill would remove  Eyman’s push polls from cluttering up our ballots. SB 5182  is stuck in Senate Rules. The deadline to pass bills of the House of origin is March 9th.

Urge State Senators  to pull SB 5182 from the Senate Rules Committee to the Senate floor for a vote! Click on the link below to urge they act now. Thanks.

Contact your Legislators via Action Network Now! 

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