Vote “MAINTAIN” on Eyman Advisory Votes this November

Washington voters should vote  “Maintain” on the five Advisory Votes on the November 5th ballot. These Tax Advisory votes  are a Tim Eyman anti-tax push poll that he has gotten taxpayers to pay for when they voted for his Initiative 960.

There is no explanatory statement, pro and con statements or a fiscal impact analysis like what’s required for initiatives and referendums. Eyman specified the language of the ballot title. The Attorney General is required by law to write ballot titles for initiatives and referendums placed on the ballot but Tim Eyman decided he would rather do it himself so he could be sure his anti-tax bias would prevail. Even repealing tax exemptions for special interests like out of state banks is considered a tax increase by Eyman.

Vote “Maintain” on the advisory votes and show Eyman that  voters are not so easily fooled by his libertarian agenda to cut all taxes and reduce public support for education and health care and other public services.

The Washington State Budget and Policy Center just released its analysis of the Advisory Votes. You can read their analysis  here in their post entitled “Public Advisory Votes on November Ballot are Tailored to Deceive”   As the Washington State Budget and Policy Center notes:

You don’t have to look any further than the November ballot to see the consequences of the deceptive “advisory vote of the people” law, which was purposefully designed to mislead the public and undermine any action taken by policymakers to maintain funding for schools, health care, public safety, and other investments that promote a strong state economy.

Created by Tim Eyman and other conservative ideological interests, these votes are meant to deny voters an informed and balanced discussion of state taxes. …

…it is clear that the only reason advisory votes were included in Eyman’s broader initiatives was to distort the public dialogue on taxes and the investments they support, and to dissuade policymakers from making any reasonable changes to our flawed tax system.

Please read the whole article as it goes into specific detail as to why the whole advisory vote process Eyman set up is deceptive and flawed. The exact language coming from Eyman’s I-960 should be repealed for what it is – another Eyman biased anti-tax hoax.

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Majority Rules –  Vote “Maintain” on Five Eyman “Tax Advisory Votes”

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