State Level Reform

Reports and News on Tax Reform in the States

Tax Expenditure Reports by States, Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy

State Tax Study Commissions – National Conference of State Legislatures

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Tax Breaks and Inequality – Enriching Billionaires and Low-Road Employees in the Name of Economic Development, Good Jobs First, Dec. 2014

Follow the Money 2014 – How the 50 States Rate in Providing Online Access to Government Spending Data, US PIRG Education Fund, April 2014

Show Us the Local Subsidies – Cities and Counties Disclosing Economic Development Subsidies, Good Jobs First, May 2013

South Carolina Supreme Court (reluctantly) upholds sales tax exemptions, Lexology May 9, 2013

What Can We Do About State Tax Volability, Bloomberg, April 18, 2013

Massachusetts – Tax Expenditure Budget 2014 – Introduction

Hawaii – Key to tax relief lies in repeal of tax “loopholes”, Lowell Kalapa, Honolulu Civil Beat, March 31, 2013

Recent Deep State Higher Education Cuts may Harm Students and the Economy for years to Come, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, March 19, 2013

2013 Blueprint for Economic Security, Progressive States Network

The Hidden Costs of Offshore Tax Havens – State Budgets Under Pressure from Tax Loophole Abuse, WashPIRG, Feb 7, 2013

Avoiding Blank Check Checks – Creating Fiscally Sound State Tax Incentives, the Pew Center for the States, Dec 13, 2012

As Companies Seek Tax Deals, Governments Pay High Price, Louise Story, New York Times, Dec. 1, 2012

 Model Legislation for Accountability in Economic Development: Clawbacks and Rescissions, Good Jobs Now, Oct 2012

Five Steps Toward a Better Tax Expenditure Debate, Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy, Oct 2012

Vermont – The Spending that Isn’t Counted, Stateline, April 25, 2012

Evidence Counts: Evaluating State Tax Incentives for Jobs and Growth, Pew Center for the States , April 12, 2012

Six Reasons Why Supermajority Requirements to Raise Taxes are a Bad Idea
By Michael Leachman, Nicholas Johnson, and Dylan Grundman,  Center on Budget and Policy Priorities Feb 2012

Corporate Tax Dodging in the Fifty States 2008-2010, Citizens for Tax Justice, Dec 2011

Tax Expenditure: Spending By Another Name, Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy, Oct 2011

Oregon – Tax Code Sunsets and the Dawn of Majority Rule,  Oregon Center for Public Policy, July 2011

Promoting State Budget Accountability Through Tax Expenditure Reporting
By Michael Leachman, Dylan Grundman, and Nicholas Johnson,  Center on Budget and Policy Priorities May 2011

State of Minnesota Tax Expenditure Budget Fiscal Years 2012 – 2015, Minnesota Dept of Revenue Tax Research Division

Bringing Tax Expenditures into the Budget Process – Minnesota Department of Revenue -Feb 2011

Tax and Budget Reform – Policy Options for 2011, Progressive States Network

How to Enact (and Maintain) Tax Reform, Citizens for Tax Justice, Oct 26, 2010

The Zero-Sum Game – States Cannot Stimulate Their Economies by Cutting Taxes by Iris J Law and Robert Tannewald, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, March 2, 2010